Quoted customers’ emails

Question 1:

I am traveling around South East Asia and would like to visit Vietnam.

I have looked for information regarding visas and note that you can apply for a visa on arrival, the information says that you collect the visa when you arrive at an airport.

Can you please advise how to apply for and collect a visa on arrival when traveling across a land border into Vietnam.


=> Answer:

Since you travel into Vietnam by land, you need to obtain a visa prior to your trip. You can contact the local embassy in your country to obtain your visa before you go or if you travel to a country near Vietnam, you can also get your visa there. Please check our websites below for information on how to get your visa in SEA countries


Question 2:

I have recently applied for a visa for Vietnam online. I have been given the forms to state that they have been accepted but they ask for an application form to be filled out as well. At the bottom it tells you to submit 1 form to the visa issuing office and the other to the police post on arrival. Where is the visa issuing office? Do I need to go to the embassy?


=> Answer:

You don’t need to go to the embassy. Because for pre-approved visa or visa on arrival you only need one form at Vietnam Airport, so please print in out and fill it before you go.

Question 3

I read some information about  work permit posted on your website. Could you tell me whether work permit is enough to stay in Vietnam, or do I need to apply for a working visa as well? For how long can I get a work permit? I have heard from one school that the government changed the regulations and the work permit (which obliges you to work at a particular place) was extended to two years instead of one year.


=> Answer:

– Work permit is just a part of the document required to get working visa to stay in Vietnam. Therefore, if you would like to stay here you should prepare all needed documents as mentioned on website http://giangthivisa.com/

– Usually, It takes about 1 month to get work permit.

– And it has been always 2 years at maximum for the duration of work permit

Question 4

I have a small business in Poland and I’ve heard that if I’ll want to open its branch in VN I would get residency. Could you give me some more information about it? I’ll be coming to VN in January and want to stay. If I am able to use my current company to obtain residency then that’s the best if not then I’ll get a job and I’ll need both residency and work permit.

Please let me know about your services with both of those matters.


=> Answer:

If you want to apply resident card for business owner, the process is quite complicated. You have to register your company or branch in Vietnam first, get your tax code and follow the accounting/bank system. Then Immigration will review your license and issue your resident card. The resident card is for business owner of a Vietnamese company or investor who invest in business in Vietnam not business owner of a foreign company in a foreign country.

I think the best is that you apply for a job or coming with business visa and get a job and get the permit and stay in a long term.

Question 5


I write to enquire application for Vietnam visa for UK passport for business. Your website state that the maximum validity for multiple entry as 3 months. Is there a concession visa for 12 months to allow for multiple visits to Vietnam on business?


=> Answer:

As far as we know, there is no 6 or 12 month visa available at the moment, however, you can try with the following options:

1- You can go with a 3 month visa, then extend it later once you are in Vietnam – this way, you can stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 6 months.

2 – if you are the head of the business office, you can apply for the temporary resident card which allows you to stay in Vietnam for a period of 12 months.

Question 6

My wife and I will be traveling to Vietnam in mid October. Entering in Hanoi and eventually end up in Ho Chi Min. From Ho chi Min we may decide to travel to Cambodia for a few days and come back to HO Chi Min and fly home from there. We will be in Vietnam a total of 29 days. IF we get a single entry visa but decide to visit Cambodia and return to Ho Chi Min once we are there, would it be difficult to re-enter Vietnam to fly home. Would we have to buy another single entry?


=> Answer:

We suggest that you go with multiple entry visa from the beginning to cover your trip to Vietnam and your entry from Cambodia, that would save you both time and money.

However, if your travel plan is not yet confirmed, you can apply for a single entry first, then get another single entry while you are in Cambodia

Question 7

I want to ask if my flight arrive to Hanoi at 23:30 (Hanoi time), visa on arrival is possible? What time will be close?

I want to know if I apply business visa for 1 years .What document I need to provide?


=> Answer:

tải xuống

Our Immigration at the airport works 24/7. You will 100% get visa on arrival if you have visa approval letter booked in advance.


For 1 year business visa, you need to send us your 1st passport scan, and date of arrival, and prepayment.  It takes 1 week for processing. Once it’s done, you can fly to another country and back to Vietnam airport to get visa on arrival.

Question 8

I want to apply work visa and I have already have the document as following:

1.Vietnamese criminal record.

2.University degree.

3.Vietnamhosipital health record.


Please advice how much to apply the work visa…


=> Answer:

In order to achieve a work visa, you must first acquire a work permit in Vietnam. To have a work permit, you will need your employer to sponsor you while you work here.

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